Friday, July 28, 2006

Photos !!

Ah !! Photos are becoming my favourite.. I am more and more beginning to look into Photo blogs. Whoever said these words is a God !!

A Picture is worth a thousand words !!

Infact.. I might start one myself..One thing is for sure.. Until I start a photo blog.. I request you all to use this to modify this page appropriately and block all images and show only their urls.. Otherwise.. browse through at your own peril !! Of course I mean wasting your bandwidth !!

Coming to this blog !! The words used to describe them were better than the photos themselves !! I would have put more more images.. had my performancing plugin worked for blogger. It worked for wordpress. and I don't know why it didn't work for blogger. Hence I had to write through the shady (read: too many frills, too slow) interface of blogger and that's the reason for so few images

The Distance

Where Colgate meets the Champion Tyes store

The foundations of prosperity
Liquid gold
The generation gap
I am thinking of switching over to Wordpress.. I am fine with the template they provide and hope that they offer better ones in the future and more importantly better cutomization. Categories is too important a feature missing here. Is anybody from blogger listening ??

btw.. does anybody know how to auto rescale images in Performancing.?? Of course I can manually edit the image urls to do that.. but I would be very grateful if peformancing had a feature and I knew it. . !!

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Arunn said...

i don't know how to do it in performancing, but check out BlogDesk, another off-line blog tool (read here). image edit is easy there; i use it...